Sunday, September 13, 2009

runner WIP update

i've managed to get some more work done. i really tried to push myself as far out of my comfort zone as possible with the skin and shading and face stuff, and with the exception of some blocky splotchy areas and the fact that his face doesnt look at all like i wanted it to in my head, i think i did ok. im still not a huge fan of the shirt, but i had tried at least 4 other designs and couldnt come up with anything else, so im gonna just make do with what i have and move on. there are still some details i want to put in, like the buttons i have placeholders for, as well as some of the other accessories i had mentioned in my previous update. for the most part i'm pleased with how this came out, but i think my problems with creative ideas for the clothing that came about later could have been alleviated if i had done some planning work on a stock pose that didnt have a twisted torso, obscured anatomy, and whatever you'd call my attempt at perspective.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

"newborn" entry; revisited

k i totallay revisited it. i plussed the heck outta it too, i think.

"newborn" entry

here's my entry into the's contest. the topic was "newborn," and my mom and sarah suggested a concept based around a born again christian. i really love the idea, tho their suggestion also involved cliffs and goblins and demons and all sorts of painfully time-consuming details. instead i disappointed them with a simple clash of color and a simplified idea :P i used photo reference for the hands, mostly because im really lazy, and i just kinda drove myself crazy experimenting with lighting and color. if you look closely you'll see theres no texture to the skin! also, puncture wounds are hard to render, and i really didnt feel like looking up reference for it. i went to once when i was in middle school. i dont need a repeat occurrence, even if it is for reference. in any case, im still pleased with this piece, and i still love the idea! especially since its a bit more personal to me. perhaps i'll revisit it someday.

runner WIP

here's a work in progress. i started this a few weeks ago and i do a bit here and there every now and then. i have a pretty solid idea of what im going for, its just attaining that idea is a tad challenging. i'm really pushing myself far beyond my comfort zone with the coloring and texturing, but i wanted to experiment with more values and shadows and the like. wrinkles continue to plague me, as does texturing and detail work. i had all sorts of ideas for buckles and stuff for this guys shoes, but the only thing i could come up with that seemed plausible (the character is supposed to be a messenger of sorts, in a fantasy setting. so keeping him light and fast, yet still covered in some sort of protective clothing seemed necessary) was a seam, which is actually not as visible as i'd like, so i'll prolly punch that up. and if i find that seam look works well i'll also apply it to the pants. Though im thinking i'll add some big stitches to that as well to break it up a bit. i also found that doing this sort of thing in chunks of clothing fits well, since im still exploring other ideas in terms of accessories (belts, buckles, pouches, weapons, tankards of ale or whatever it is fantasy joggers run around with). if anybody has any ideas, im totally open to suggestions. anyidea that would make the clothing not-plain-looking would be appreciated :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

anyone remember that show 'beetleborgs'?

me neither. but it sucked. this quiet and subtle guy has beetle armor, and one of those egyptian khopesh swords (which are BA as all hell). its kinda funny, i see a lot of these old sketches from my old notebook from school and they have a lot of descriptions with arrows pointing at things. i had forgotten why those were there, and now i realize its because i couldnt explain out loud to my friends what i was drawing because we were in the middle of lecture.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

sein eine Falle!

alien hitler w/ laser blasters akimbo, stalks the elusive ghost of disembodied admiral ackbar.

Monday, March 16, 2009

sabre-tooth elf-cat poof-tail draw-ing

not a fan of the spinning morning star flail. also, cat feet are effin' tough.