Saturday, August 15, 2009

"newborn" entry

here's my entry into the's contest. the topic was "newborn," and my mom and sarah suggested a concept based around a born again christian. i really love the idea, tho their suggestion also involved cliffs and goblins and demons and all sorts of painfully time-consuming details. instead i disappointed them with a simple clash of color and a simplified idea :P i used photo reference for the hands, mostly because im really lazy, and i just kinda drove myself crazy experimenting with lighting and color. if you look closely you'll see theres no texture to the skin! also, puncture wounds are hard to render, and i really didnt feel like looking up reference for it. i went to once when i was in middle school. i dont need a repeat occurrence, even if it is for reference. in any case, im still pleased with this piece, and i still love the idea! especially since its a bit more personal to me. perhaps i'll revisit it someday.

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